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Fachschaft Philosophie

Welcome to the homepage of the Philosophy students' association (Fachschaft Philosophie)! (last edit: 11 October 2016)

Events for freshers and new Master students in winter term 2016/17

Welcome to your new university, the University of Bonn! We'll have several events so that you can find out more about Bonn, the University, philosophy in Bonn and your fellow students. The Institute for Philosophy will have two information sessions, one for undergraduate students (B.A.) and the other one for graduate students (M.A.). After the information session for undergraduates, we want to invite you to have a coffee with us and get a first view of your new institute.


Event Day of week
Date Time Place
Information session (B.A.)
Tuesday 11/Oct/2016 14.00
Lecture hall X (Hörsaal X)
Information session (M.A.) Wednesday 12/Oct/2016 12.00
Room 1.070
Breakfast for freshers
Wednesday 12/Oct/2016 10.00
Room 1.070
Freshers' pub crawl
Thursday 13/Oct/2016 20.00
Inner yard of the main building
Freshers' puzzlehunt
Friday 14/Oct/2016 14.45
Inner yard of the main building
Philosophers' party
Thursday 17/Nov/2016 22:00
Carpe Noctem
Freshers' weekend trip
Friday to Sunday
09-11/Dec/2016 t.b.a. Monschau

Just like every year, there is an official Facebook group for the undergraduate freshers in Bonn. That group will be useful for you as you can ask questions there and get information on official events of the Fachschaft and the Institute. Unlike most other groups, with us, you'll never have spam. :)

Facebook group for undergraduate freshers 16/17:
Facebook page of the Philosophy students' association (Fachschaft Philosophie):

Further information

Homepage of the Institute for Philosophy:
Calendar with important dates for your studies:

Detailed information about the events for freshers

In the information session you will receive essential information about the studies you're about to start. Additionally, we will tell you what we do and invite you to have a coffee with us.

The breakfast for freshers is a nice way to meet your new fellow students. We will offer you a delicious breakfast for free, with coffee and tea.

"Helpdesk for freshers" is a good opportunity for you to ask questions about your studies. We can't answer every single question, but we'll try. The time is to be announced.

The freshers' weekend trip is the best way to meet your fellow students and have a nice weekend with "your new family". :P We'll go to Monschau in the Eifel region. For €30.00, you'll get nice accomodation with plenty of good food and drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), and you'll see this beautiful place in the Eifel with your friends-to-be. ;) About transport: Don't worry, your obligatory students' ticket for North Rhine-Westphalia is enough to get to Monschau.

The freshers' pub crawl is the Rhenish way to get to know the folks you'll work with. You will see the best pubs of Bonn and have spirit-ful talks. ;) Have fun.

The freshers' puzzlehunt consists of several games you will fight with your team for the mysterious prize. This puzzlehunt is, just as Woodstock, an event you simply cannot miss. ;)

The philosophers' party is not only for philosophers as we want to show to the other students: Philosophers are experts on partying. This semester's party is on 17 November 2016 at Carpe Noctem (close to University and Bonn Central Station). There'll be the good alternative to Mainstream music, and special offers for the best drinks. Doors open at 22.00. Further information will be available on our Facebook page.

The Institute for Philosophy is divided into several parts of the main building and two other buildings. The main part of the Institute is in the main building. If you get from the inner courtyard to a big badge on the wall with "Dekanate – Universitätsarchiv" written on it, just enter there and go upstairs to the first floor. If you then turn right, you'll stand in front of the Institute. The chair for medieval philosophy (Kobusch) is on the right side if you're going from the Institute to the "Aula" (if you came from the inner courtyard to the Institute, don't turn right to the Institute but go into the hall in front of you). The chairs for theoretical philosophy (Forster), epistemology, philosophy of the modern era, contemporary philosophy (Gabriel) and classical German philosophy (Schäfer) are in the International Centre for Philosophy of North Rhine-Westphalia (izph) in the Poppelsdorfer Allee 28. The chair for philosophy considering especially ethics in biological sciences (Sturma) is on Bonner Talweg 57. The library for logic is in the annexe of the main building called Etscheidhof, on the other side of the building where the bookstore Witsch und Behrendt is.

Room 1.070 is the big room for lectures (Grosser Übungsraum) in the main part of the Institute for Philosophy. If you get into the main part of the Institute, just turn left and go straight on the last room in that corridor.

Room 1.072 is the room for seminars (Seminarraum) in the main part of the Institute for Philosophy. When you enter the Institute, you are standing in front of Room 1.072.

Room 1.074 is both the small room for lectures (Kleiner Übungsraum) and the room of the students' association (Fachschaftsraum). If you get into the main part of the Institute, turn right and go to the third door on the left. There you will sometimes be able to find us.

Contact us

Address: Universität Bonn, Fachschaft Philosophy, Am Hof 1, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


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